Pet Care

Our Practices

The Emerald Neckleash is an insured provider of dog walking and pet sitting services in some of the neighborhoods surrounding the Emerald Necklace, currently serving Roslindale, Jamaica Plain, and parts of West Roxbury.

After a complimentary consultation, services are customized to the needs of you and the animals in your life.  Finding the right pet care provider demands two-way screening. Clients must feel 110% confident in the skills and wisdom their pet care providers will bring.  The Emerald Neckleash also carefully interviews all potential clients to make sure we can provide the services you need.  We won't take on a client if we think someone else can better meet your needs.  We, too, want what's best for you and your pet.

After consulting with Alexis Hill, owner of the Emerald Neckleash, clients needing on-going services on a daily basis will meet one or two additional pet care providers working for the Emerald Neckleash to ensure that even in the case of weather or personal emergency, someone you and your pet knows and trusts will be at the ready to provide the care you need.  Our pet care providers come from varied backgrounds, have been carefully screened for professionalism, have undergone criminal background checks, and most importantly, share a passion for our mission. All walkers provide and use the USA-made, non-plastic, biodegradable bags to clean up dog waste and scoop litter boxes. "Re-paw-ts" are left by our walkers after walks and visits.

Special Needs Animals

After more than three decades administering medications, nurturing dogs through physical rehab, and patiently enforcing quiet times following major surgeries, the Emerald Neckleash provides the expert attention and personalized care that aging and sick animals need to live happy and healthy lives. Alexis Hill became well-versed in caring for geriatric animals as her yellow Lab, Nanji, lived to the ripe old age of 14. Alexis is currently the proud human of a former Caribbean stray named Bequia (named after the Caribbean island from which she was rescued) who she successfully treated for both heartworm & ehrlichia. Bequia, now 17 years old, was an Emerald Neckleash 'employee' for years before her retirement.  Bequia played an important role in helping to socialize puppies and adult dogs, as well as putting fearful dogs at ease.  All Emerald Neckleash services are tailored to the special needs of the animals in your life. To design a care program, email or call 617-894-3028. 

Services and Rates

Don't see the specific pet service offered that you need? Customized plans can be created! Just call 617-894-3028 or email

Please also review the general policies pdf for important information about billing, holidays and cancellations. These policies apply to all services listed on the Service pages and on this website.

Going out of town? Different arrangements work for different animals. For cats, the Emerald Neckleash offers in-home care visits. Unfortunately, the Emerald Neckleash is not able to board cats, small animals or birds; however, for more information on services provided for small animals in your home, click here. For dogs, the Emerald Neckleash is able to provide a couple of different options. They include:

  • Periodic visits to your home during the day (for current clients only).
  • Pet sitting (for current clients only). Someone from the Emerald Neckleash sleeps in your home. For more information, click one of the 3 Service pages below.


Our Environment Counts

The Emerald Neckleash follows earth-friendly pet sitting practices such as using only eco-friendly bags that meet numerous ASTM standards on dog walks and for cleaning litter. (Did you know that it is estimated that dog owners do not collect over 4 million tons of dog waste annually and that 20-30% of all pollutants in waterways are attributed to dog waste?)

Why does the Emerald Neckleash use this particular kind of poop bag? After a lot of looking around, from an environmental perspective, we feel they are the best choice out of the bags being manufactured these days. More information about why we feel this way can be found at and here. If you decide that you would like to start using these on your own, these poop bags can by purchased by Emerald Neckleash clients at prices below the average retail price. To purchase poop bags, please contact Alexis at