Home Page About The Emerald Neckleash Pet Care Community
The Emerald Neckleash© was created by Alexis Hill to provide experienced and personalized pet care services to people living in some of the neighborhoods surrounding the Emerald Necklace (including Roslindale, Jamaica Plain, and parts of West Roxbury). A key aspect of our mission is to support the local community by donating to MSPCA–Angell and to follow earth-friendly principles.

To read more about the Emerald Neckleash's community involvement, please check out our Community page. There you’ll find info on poop bags, the MSPCA, and the forthcoming Dog Park, an online resource for animal and nature lovers living near the Emerald Necklace to share information about local products, resources and events.

A lifelong animal buff, Alexis Hill spent eight years as a public interest attorney and community organizer (usually bringing her dogs with her to the office) before launching the Emerald Neckleash in 2009.

Alexis is a former foster mom for Lab Rescue and has supported the MSCPA by participating in events such as the Annual Walk for Animals and through the MSPCA P.E.T. Project.

In 2009, Alexis completed a mahout training course at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center in Lampang, Thailand. With the help of Wanalee, her elephant during the course, Alexis learned a great deal about the lives of elephants in Thailand.

Alexis is also a member of the Roslindale Arts Alliance and is a photographer. (You may have seen her work in Fornax Bakery in 2008, in Bangkok Cafe and Pet Cabaret in 2009, at JP and Roslindale Open Studios in 2010, and at Boston City Hall in 2011!)
"I have known Alexis for ten years as a friend and as a dog watcher. I know her very well. She is very trustworthy, caring and responsible. Her knowledge of animals is first-rate, and she is eager to establish positive relationships with each new creature. Her love of animals is apparent in her enthusiasm when around pets of all kinds. I trust her completely with our two dogs as well as with our house when we are away. Our dogs are ALWAYS happy to go to her house to play!"

--Jen, human of Coco, an 11-year old Doberman-Ridgeback Mix, and Maya, a 6-year old Labrador Retriever.

Animals have been an integral part of my daily living since I was a baby, and I take great pride in nurturing the animals in other people’s lives the way I would if those animals were part of my home and my pack.

I grew up with a St. Bernard and an English Cocker Spaniel, and over the last 35 years, the animals in my home have included lovebirds, turtles, cats, tropical fish and small mammals including bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters and gerbils. Most of these animals were rescued in one way or another: A chicken from an elementary school project (in a residential Princeton neighborhood no less), red-eared sliders from the sidewalk in New York’s Chinatown, and dogs from Lab Rescue, HART, and most recently, from a Caribbean island in the Grenadines.

Over the years, I brought my dogs with me to work as much as possible, but when office policies wouldn’t allow that or I had to travel, I struggled to shuttle my dog to daycare, sometimes having to resort to an overnight kennel because of my work hours or the impossibility of getting to home and back during my lunch hour.

As a result, I know firsthand how hard it is for busy individuals and families to provide short pee breaks, some playtime, or strenuous exercise (for those high energy dogs) on a daily basis. As someone whose work often included extensive travel, I know how difficult it can be to navigate keeping your pets happy and healthy when you’re gone and also keeping your costs down. This is why I created the Emerald Neckleash - to create and deliver personalized care for the animals and people that make up my community.

Aside from wanting to share my talent for nurturing animals, I also created the Emerald Neckleash because I love my neighborhood — the individual neighbors, the local restaurants and bakeries, and the fabulous green spaces that inspire and energize my heart and mind. When I created the Emerald Neckleash, it was critical to me that the company contribute meaningfully to all those aspects of the neighborhood, not just one. That’s why the Emerald Neckleash is multi-platform: the financial platform donates to the MSCPA and the personal platform delivers specialized animal care services to people living in the neighborhoods around the Emerald Necklace.

I hope to be given the privilege of serving you and look forward to hearing from you soon.


Alexis Hill, Owner